Artist Bez Obmezhen: poster of concerts 2021

Билеты БEZ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ. Концерт «Про тебе»
24 august 20:00 tuesday
БEZ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ. Концерт «Про тебе»
Билеты Without Limits
15 may 19:00 saturday
Without Limits


first video will soon be filmed. Initially, as the song began to be played everywhere, it instantly took the leading position on the M20 hit parade, broadcast on the M television channel. The video clip for the track was in the top ten for several months.

In 2013, the project, together with the artist Lida Aksenich, is actively recording the composition "Soared".

In the summer of the same year, the musicians are already participants in the international annual event "Rock 'N' Sich".

In the fall, they give a concert at Oktoberfest, and by the end of the year they change the name from English to Ukrainian again, the former Unlimited.

In 2014, the release of the composition "Mom's Words" took place, which was specially created in honor of the fallen heroes of the "Heavenly Hundred" participating in hostilities in Ukraine.

In the spring, the project performed at multiple events dedicated to patriotism, and in the summer, they gathered with other groups to tour the territory of Donbass. The tour included fifteen cities. Both ordinary civilians and military personnel from Ukraine became spectators.

A little later, fans of the group had the opportunity to see videos "Pour me some wine" and "Winter".

In 2015, in the spring, the musicians finally released their third collection "#DIKHAYUTOBOY", the compositions for which were combined for two years. In total, 10 singles fit on the disc.

In late spring, the band gives a concert at the TattoCollection 2015 festival, after which they organize a mini-tour in Western Ukraine, the last performance was in the capital.

The guys do not get tired of arranging concerts in support of the military.

Also this year, together with the VRODA group, the members of "Bez obmezhen" released the track "My destiny" and a video for it.

In 2016, the team participates in the TV show "X-Factor -7", where a competitive selection takes place with the song "There is nothing without it." After that, viewers saw a video for her.

The creativity of the guys includes a huge number of tracks, videos, soundtracks for films and even the anthem of a sports team. The project has released more than 40 songs.

In the winter of 2017, the team demonstrated their third studio collection "5 Minutes". All members of the group "Bez obmezhen" predict 2018 as very successful in terms of creativity.